The State of the art coating kitchen allows preparation of up-to 10 different coating formulations per day using dry or slurry ingredients. Load cells are used to guarantee precision and repeatability.


Wide range of base paper weight, from ultra light weight paper to heavy board, can be coated using the different applicator techniques available. The different applicators allow precise simulation of the different full-scale coating techniques.


Coat Weight Control

Coat weight control is accomplished by skilled and experienced operators assisted by accurate and reliable on-line quality measuring equipment.



Coated or uncoated paper rolls can be calendar on the 12 roll off-line supercalender. Number of nips, nip load, temperature and speed can be adjusted to simulate full-scale supercalender and achieve desired quality.


Soft nip calendar

The two nip on-line soft-nip calendar can also be used to calendar coated and uncoated paper rolls. Electric induction heating system and modern roll covers allow calendering at temperature up-to 250°C and at speeds up-to 2000 meters per minutes.