CIC provides customers the ideal environment to recreate all the features of a specialized production line with the most stringent controls and in complete confidentiality. They can run all their tests under one roof, which gives them a strong competitive advantage.

Working in concert with the pulp and paper industry, CIC strives to deliver innovative, value added solutions leading to continuous improvement in our customers product quality and overall costs. Our techniques and equipment are kept at the cutting edge of industry innovation, providing the ideal environment for world class product development.


CIC’s Metso designed coater includes the most commonly used coating heads in the industry: jet applicator, roll applicator and two types of short-dwell applicators. CIC is renowned globally for its operation efficiency. With our ultra-modern equipment, CIC can produce between 9 and 12 coating colors and generate between 14 to 20 trial points in a single operating day on the coater.

Pre-Metering size press

A pre-metering size press complements the CIC coating line. Film-metered surface sizing and coating using this equipment provides good coverage and uniformity even at very low weights. The size press provides a wide range of application possibilities such as coating on both sides of the paper web, simultaneously applying two different formulations.

Soft-nip calendar & supercalender

An on-line soft-nip calendar is and an off-line eleven-nip supercalender are available for all coating applications. Linear loads, temperature and even cover hardness can be used to achieve all desired properties of the coated paper.


CIC has a GL&V rewinder with a four slitter arrangement. Operating speeds of up to 1 000 m/min (2 625 fpm) are possible.