Efficiency / capacity

CIC has an established track record of achieving industry leading operating efficiencies. On average, we can run between 14-20 coating trial points per day. This compares very favourably with all other North American pilot coating facilities where we have often seen efficiencies as much as 80% below CIC’s. Our high efficiency translates into much lower overall trial costs to our customers. Work that once took 3-4 days can be completed in 1-3 days. Our customers also note several indirect advantages such as higher productivity due to the assistance of our in-house coating specialists.

Flexibility : With our Optisizer, blade coater, Optisoft and Supercalender as well as our world class coating kitchen, CIC can provide a great deal of manufacturing flexibility. As a stand-alone, independent pilot facility, we can also provide significant scheduling efficiency. As R&D and customer initiatives develop, CIC can be relied upon to provide flexibility around scheduled dates and runs. If more, or different, dates are needed in a specific month, we can work with our customers to accommodate changes.

Availability: Although CIC has numerous schedule obligations to current customers, we have a high degree of flexibility and can meet your needs for pilot machine time, large or small.

Predictable Trial Costs : By contracting with CIC, customers can forecast the exact cost of R&D work. We work closely with our customers to ensure they schedule the correct number of days based upon their actual needs. Customers tells us their internal R&D resources are often stretched. CIC's equipment, team and know-how ensure customers get the most from every R&D dollar spent.