Quality, efficiency and confidentiality these are the cornerstones of CIC’s market position.

CIC’s unique and efficient processes allow us to respond to the industry’s needs quickly.

It all starts with quality. Speed, efficiency and flexibility are all important, but all projects must be measured by the quality of the results. Through our industry leading equipment and highly technical trial team, CIC is well recognized as delivering results customers can depend on.

CIC has an established track record of achieving industry leading operating efficiencies. On average, we can complete 14-20 trials points per day which is widely recognized as being the benchmark in the North American pilot coater industry. This unmatched level of productivity provides customers the opportunity to generate far more data per day as compared to other North American pilot coaters; this, in turn, leads to dramatically reduced pilot coater costs.

Our ability to gather a multidisciplinary research team to solve complex problems is an important asset for our partners and customers.

CIC prides itself on the care taken in keeping its equipment well maintained. We recognize our customers have made a commitment of time and expense and expect the trials to run smoothly and reliably. Our team objective is to provide the agreed upon number of batches per day with the most reliable and representative results in the industry. If, on occasion, trials run longer or need to changed quickly, we are always ready to accommodate these variables. Frequently, customers will need to change plans mid-stream and find CIC’s staff not only accommodating, but also active participants.

All services – production, maintenance, engineering, customer services and laboratory – provide a constant effort to assure realization and complete success of our customers’ requests.


CIC offers a secure, firewalled approach to trial planning and implementation. Each member of our team of specialized and experienced professionals is responsible for a portfolio of customers and all information regarding trials is treated as confidential. Since our inception, CIC has been renowned for maintaining the highest levels of confidentiality and recently, with our customer portal, we have taken this a step further. Each customer is provided a secure area on our servers where their data is kept, firewalled, and protected by 128 bit encryption. This newest evolution in the service CIC provides will ensure we remain at the forefront of technology, security and confidentiality.